Please find link below with all pertinent information for meet at MIT this weekend.

I have also included warmup times for each session/day and timing requirements for each team!

Yes…………….timing REQUIREMENTS!!!!    We are REQUIRED to provide as many timers from our team as the meet host requires!  This is non negotiable and our team is fined for not fulfilling the requirement!

That being said, as always I take requests first and then assign if I don’t get any takers!    Please Please Please volunteer to cover a spot on deck so you can spend some quality time with your swimmer!  Its fun, its easy, you won’t regret it!!!!

Everyone is required to provide their own timers/counters for their events.

Saturday AM:
We are required to have 8 timers

Saturday PM:
We are required to have 6 timers

Sunday AM:
We are required to have 6 timers

Sunday PM:
We are required to have 6 timers

This is what we are required and I need to carve your family name in stone no later than 5p Thursday!    Please don’t delay as I have to get the “red carpet” list together and send out no later than tomorrow nite!


Friday:              3:15p
Sat am 13+:      7:15a
Sat pm 12u:      2:15p
Sun am 13+:     7:00a
Sun pm 12u:     2:15p

 Of course, any questions please let me know.