The Kingfish Swimming Club, a United States Swimming registered organization, exists to develop competitive swimmers both as athletes and as people for the long term. Kingfish Swimming  offers swimmers an opportunity to compete on a United States Swim team and be challenged to a new level. Headed by Jay Craft, former Olympic Trials swimmer and NCAA Division 1 All American, the USS team provides all levels of swimming, from dual meets and state competitions to the United States Olympic Trials. Craft and his expert staff provide opportunities for swimmers at all levels to train and compete year round. Participants travel to large meets and compete all throughout New England. It is our belief that in the attempt to reach one’s fullest potential each swimmer will maximize their chance to become their very  best, both in the pool and out.

The Kingfish Swimming program is dedicated to providing  opportunity and encouragement for all of its swimmers to make an uncompromised commitment to the pursuit of excellence and, through the process of striving to be the best they can be, to acquire life enhancing attributes such as integrity, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Kingfish promote the sport of competitive swimming through positive motivation and the teaching of sound stroke mechanics in an atmosphere of high moral and ethical standards, encouraging sportsmanship and  personal growth at all levels. We provide correct, consistent instruction in all areas of stroke competency for  freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. We establish a progression for endurance training at all levels. We provide  instruction in nutrition, set ethical and moral standards among swimmers and  provide and organize team and group activities.  We strive to develop a keen sense of sportsmanship in all our athletes.

Like all extracurricular activities, competitive swimming expands upon the  growth and development of its participants that begins with families and  education. Swimming offers many unique advantages over other sports and clubs  that make it an ideal choice for young people. Swimming uses all the body’s major muscle groups, promoting complete  development. It offers  the most complete aerobic fitness possible and enhances flexibility while building  strength. It helps develop superior coordination skills because of the complexity of the four multi-dimensional strokes  and various techniques. Swimming is a low impact sport and therefore, enjoys a low rate of serious injuries.

Swimming adapts as one ages and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It develops swimmers mentally, through  strategy, concentration and discussions of related areas, such as physiology, nutrition, and psychology. It develops  self-discipline, which transfers over to life skills outside the pool. These are just some of the benefits of swimming with the Kingfish program, but all  of swimming’s advantages are too numerous to list. Long-time swimmers will attest to the life skills gained by  participation, including time management, goal setting, cooperation and independence.